For sponsors

Deadline for conclusion of agreement19th of October 2018

We invite all organizations and state institutions willing to contribute to the success of this professional and media exciting meeting, while at the same time taking the opportunity to present their activities, product programs, products and services at this year’s congress and in the time of the congress offer them variety of options.

Through sponsorships you are enabling maintainance of professionalism and vision of the development of the transport profession, and with this its re-launch in the professional civil sphere.

In the table below there are presented various sponsorship options, which can be specially adjusted to the wishes of the sponsor itself. The organizer will negotiate with the sponsor regarding selection of services in relation to the size of the sponsorship funds. The scope of the services will be defined by the sponsorship agreement and to the agreed amount added VAT.

The organizer reserves the right to the changes in the agreement of exhibition spaces for sponsors.


Accesible through,

By phone  +386 41 762 313 in  +386 41 542 859

By poste  DRC, Družba za raziskave v cestni in prometni stroki Slovenije, d.o.o. Masarykova cesta 14 SI – 1000 Ljubljana 

Options for sponsors

**The amount of funds depends on the break offer and the number of participants.